Alcohol Ester of Gum Rosin

Composite modified ester of gum rosin is maded from gum rosin,high molecular polymer,unsaturated dibasic acid and polyalcohol by condensation and esterification,then heat-stabilizer and light-stabilizer are added in.They are irregular hemisphere particals.



The product have good resistance to crushing, resistance to crocking, abrasion resistance, appropriate levelling and fast drying. They also have good resistance to yellowing and ageing resistance. They are used as a binder specially for road marking paints.



In kraft paper bags of 25kgs net each.17.5/20mts per 20'fcl without pallet.


Store in cool place, avoid fire and high temperature, prohibit to store with oxidant agent.



(1)All production may by designed according to the special request or formulation of the customer.

 (2)The technical standards are formulated and revised by us.If there are changes,the lastest   standard will be executed and assured by contract.

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