Water-white Rosin Resin


Water-white rosin resin is a kind of gum rosin polyol resin in almost water-white color. It is made from refined rosin as the basic raw material by mean of disproportionating, esterificating and stabilizing with a water-white color, superior thermal stability and the advantages of a long period of storage.



Almost in water-white color, broad compatibility and solubility, low odor and taste, medium softening point, thermoplastic resin. It can help to improve the bonding strength for solvent-based adhesive, press-sensitive adhesive and hot-melt adhesive.





Use for white EVA base hot melt glue sticks, bookbindings, pressure-senesitive adhesive based on SIS or SBS adhesives, hygiene products adhesives, structural adhesive, coating, package, solventborne adhesives.



1. In bag: granular or flake, kraft paper bag, 25kg/bag.

2. Packing specified by customers.

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