High performance Rosin Resin

High performance rosin resin is a kind of gum rosin polyol resin. It is made from composite rosin as the basic raw material by mean of disproportionating, esterificating and stabilizing. These products have high viscosity, superior aging resistance, and excellent compatibility.



Broad compatibility and solubility, low odor and taste, medium softening point, thermoplastic resin. It can help to improve the bonding strength for solventbased adhesive, press-sensitive adhesive and hot-melt adhesive.




Use for EVA base hot melt glue sticks, bookbindings, pressure-sensitive adhesive based on SIS or SBS adhesive, hygiene products adhesives, structural adhesive, coating, package, solventborne adhesives.



1. In Bag: granular or  flake, kraft paper bag, 25kg/bag.

2. Packing specified by customers.
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